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General Study Department 



1.      Solid curriculum design to increase the basic abilities in Chinese, English, and mathematics.

2.      Best teaching team: to invite splendid teachers from Kaohsiung Senior High School and Kaohsiung Girls Senior High School with love and experience to provide more effectively an outstanding learning environment for students.

3.      To offer high scholarships, which are better than enrolling in the public schools, to reduce parents’ burden.

4.      To have effective teaching strategies and to teach with patience for both advanced and remedial students.

5.      Sound education of physical and moral strength: to provide activities of artsports and outdoor teaching for relaxing.both the body and mind. We also emphasize mannerisms pertaining to daily life and to cultivate moral culture.


Department of International Trade



1.      To teach curricula regarding practical international trademarketing accounting and commercial and economic development, so that students are able to receive jobs of expanding the business or accounting processing for companies.

2.      To arrange English and Japanese curricula and to encourage students to take the GEPT and Japanese language examinations for improving their foreign languages abilities.

3.      There are many opportunities for employments.  Any business related fields are suitable to apply for.

4.      To freely continue studies in colleges or universities without hindrance.  100% of students can attend the technology colleges, especially with the percentage of students enrolling in public schools being pretty high.


Dept. of Data Processing



1.      To prepare students to meet the needs of the e-generation by providing vocational training combined with business knowledge and computer skills.

2.      To encourage students to obtain computer and business skill certification. Over 50% of the students in the Department of Data Processing have obtained the Class B Skill Certificate of Computer Software Application.


Department of Restaurant Management 



1.      To help students obtain culinary certification, we offer government inspected and approved examination rooms for the Chinese culinary arts, baking and beverages.

2.      To train students in the skills of Chinese culinary arts, Western culinary arts, bar tending, and restaurant services, and to encourage them to apply to colleges with culinary or hotel management majors.

3. During their time at school, students are given the opportunity to sell the food they make in order to gain marketing experience, understand the changing dynamics of marketing and cost control of the entire operation.


Dept. of Childhood Education



1.    To offer students a multitude of learning, we have well-equipped classrooms that include: piano classroom, teaching material-designed classroom, babysitting training classroom, dancing room, kindergarten simulation classroom, percussion instrument classroom, etc.

2.    To prepare students from this department for further studies in technology colleges and to pursue careers such as child teaching, social work, household management, designing etc.

3. Students can have hands-on experience of the practical child care training they have received by working at Ping Rong Kindergarten, a subsidiary of Ping Rong High School.


Department of Electrics 



1.      To educate students about the knowledge of electric meters, telecommunication, home appliances, micro-computer control, and electric circuits, etc.

2.      To train students how to repair, test, and assemble the tasks of electronics, communications, meters, digital circuits, etc.

3. To help students obtain national technical certification.

Dept. of Computer Science



1.      To offer relevant courses in computer science and electronics.

2.      To equip classrooms with exclusive computer labs for use of the professional curriculum with practical training.

3.      To train students in the skills of assembly and repair of computers.

4.      To help students obtain Class B or Class C Technician Certificates in Computer Maintenance.


Japanese Program, Department of Applied Foreign Languages



1.      To provide language laboratories     equipped to enhance listening comprehension.

2.      To provide a variety of Japanese activities and competitions for increasing students’ interest of learning the Japanese language.

3.      To hire a native Japanese teacher to provide a motivational learning environment for students.

4.      To assist students in obtaining    Japanese language certificates.

5.      To encourage students to participate in a study tour to Japan or attend Japanese colleges or universities in Japan to increase or widen their international vision.


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