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Fu-Shiang Shiu


Academic Affairs Office


1.      To emphasize entering higher academics and companies according to students’ goals and personalities, and to expect them to be put in the right placement.

2.      To emphasize the function of a teaching research committee to improve teaching methods for improving students’ learning.

3.      To emphasize the education of moral education in profession and to cultivate students moral philosophy and the abilities of execution.

4.      To improve students’ mental and physical growth by giving them individualized health-care programs;

5.      To extend the teaching methods of creativity and to hold the exhibition of inventive achievements.

6.      To design advanced activities to improve the professional knowledge, and to pose the teaching contents for improving the growth of teachers’ professions.

7.      To emphasize information teaching and providemaintainand caring the audiovisual equipments for expanding teaching results.

8.      To conduct students to attend their ideal universities and set up academic-promoting classes for cultivating technical persons..

9.      To carry out the promotion of license systems and positively conduct students to obtain technical licenses.


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