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Pen-Huang Huang


Student Affairs Office


1.      To carry out the moral education, not only to develop the excellent campus culture, but also to cultivate healthy personalities of the students.

2.     To carry the education of democracy to cultivate the right concept of freedom on democracy and to pay attention to the composure of democracy.

3.      To emphasize the education of social service, and to cultivate the students willingness to help others and to keep the motion of concern for society through instrospection and feedback.

4.      To emphasize the faculties and students to have the idea and knowledge of environmental protection, and to execute the abolishment of the dirtinessbeautifying the campus and sorting the trash.

5.      To emphasize the promotion in traffic safety education .

6.      To emphasize the management of extra curriculum and to promote well-balanced education of the five virtues ( moralintellectualphysicalcommunal and fine arts education)

7.      To hold all kinds of contests and art activities to inspire students’ sense of honor and responsibility.



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