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           Ideal of Education 

     Ping Rong High School inherits the spirit of Ping Rong Vocational High School, which includes honesty, justice, diligence, simplicity, and the motion of teaching all comers without discrimination, and cultivating the fined (moralintelligentphysicalcommunal and fine art) foundational person in the society. Over the last fifty years, our graduates produce the function, like nuts and bolts, to fasten the basic economy in Ping Tung County. After changing the system of the school, we still keep with tradition and combine with the new environment to build up a warm learning environment for molding students as independent thinkers who are self-disciplined and we build them as knowledgeable persons.  With the blending pluralistic sources in the society, we manage a suitablewarmand best learning environment, which concerns the talented and minority, to cultivate literateathletic and holistic Ping Rong students




Teleohone:(08)722-3409   Address : No.100, Minxue Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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